New Update - Basic Quest System

Hey everyone! 

I just updated the game with the latest change I made. This update is introducing the framework for the quest system. 

Currently it's basically just one quest with no additional windows.

You can  go up to the NPC (mannequin) with the exclamation mark above his head and press action to accept a quest. Currently it will randomize a simple hunt quest for you to complete. Either kill a number of rabbits, or destroy a certain number of mineable rocks. After the quest will auto complete and you can return for another. Currently there are no rewards, but should be soon.

Thank you everyone, and I hope you enjoy Dyrid!

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My impressions after playing it for around 10 minutes 

How does flying work? I killed a few rabbits by paws and breath but after that it still showed me "prey hunted: 0." And what to do with those large meat pieces which drop from dead rabbits? The area is very large, I got easily lost and couldn't get back to the place where mannequin gave me quest to hunt 3 rabbits. Maybe need to make a map with directions. Are there any enemies to fight or only rabbits? Can dragon swim?

Currently flying is on a stamina system where you spend more the higher you are. You can stop to regain some stamina. 

Honestly, the prey killed is left over from the previous version! It was meant to be removed.

The meat is a health pickup, but currently nothing can damage you. Only rabbits and a couple squirrels to hunt. 

Along those lines, if you destroy the rocks that have pillars of light while you focus, they drop gold that you can eat to gain armour/scales. 

I can see that the test area may be a bit too big. Later in development there will be a map, and you will be able to restore watch towers to fast travel between. 

Swimming will be implemented, hopefully soon. Currently you will just float on the surface. 

Thank you so much for trying Dyrid out! I really value your feedback!